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Trauma Defined

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

This information is not meant to treat or diagnose. It is simply education and research to help you understand some of the reactions of trauma.

  • Trauma is defined as a physical, emotional, and spiritual reaction due to an interpretation of a life event that overwhelms the capacity to cope. Having hidden pain manifest in our behavior. Those who are victims of such things live, with recurring memories of what they witnessed. It impacts their ability to sleep, instead of building, destroys their relationships, along with their capacity to work. Not to mention it torments their emotions, shatters their faith and diminishes hope.

  • Trauma wounds are not visible, yet though not visible, you see and feel the effects which makes it very real. The traumatization of the wounds of the mind, soul, and spirit torment more than one in seven people around the world. So what happens when these things aren't addressed? For example, a lot of what has happened in our childhood it bleeds into our adulthood if not addressed. In order to help someone else, I must first understand my own trauma. Have you experienced trauma?

Understanding Trauma

  • Who is a trauma survivor? A trauma survivor is a person that has been through a traumatic event as a child or adult which yield to survivors experiencing physical reaction to trauma called triggers. Our body memories triggers the brain into (survival mode) a place where you fight, freeze or run away. Certain smells, pictures, sounds, people, places and life events can be a trigger. 

  • Various events can cause a trauma reaction to the brain similar to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Most common traumas are Divorce, Death in family, New birth, Transitions (moving), Domestic Violence, Natural disaster, Accident, War.

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