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Counter Abuse Awareness & Prevention Program

Through our Counter Abuse Awareness & Prevention Program, we strive to engage teen boys and men as part of the solution to prevent domestic and sexual violence. We educate and equip teen boys and men through a trauma-informed approach.

Who Can Participate? 

  • Males 13+ 

  • Teen Boys & Men Interested in Being a Change Agent

  • Court Ordered​ Domestic Violence Offenders

What to expect

  1. Access to a virtual/in-person safe space within groups of 15-20

  2. Accountability during the course duration and post-completion

  3. Youth Specific Pathway

  4. Adult Specific Pathway 


Criteria for Joining

  1. Acknowledgment that you need help from abusive behaviors and/or

  2. A desire to obtain the tools to change and/or

  3. Court Mandated 

If you would like to attend or want more information contact us at

Your Support Moves the Vision Forward!

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