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Counter Abuse Awareness & Prevention Program
Empower, Educate, Elevate: Together We Stand Stronger


Being the Change
Standing Against Domestic & Sexual Violence
It's not always easy to be a positive influence, especially when the world seems to say otherwise. But guess what? You have the power to be part of something bigger. Through our Counter Abuse Awareness & Prevention Program, we're reaching out to young guys and men, showing that strength lies in compassion and respect.

Counter Abuse Group

Violence is a choice, and so is standing against it. Understanding and preventing domestic and sexual violence is not a 

one-size-fits-all thing. We're all about helping teen boys and men realize the true essence of accountability and making impactful decisions. Our lifework assignments are designed to: 

  • Offer insights

  • Help identify underlying issues and 

  • Equip you with real-world strategies to champion change


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Participation & Expectation

  • Teen boys (12 - 18 years ago)

  • Group Sizes 12-15

  • After-school and/or lunch programming options

Supportive Friend

Men & Court Compliance

Men interested in becoming the change will be grouped with other men based on the nature and age-appropriate conversations.

We also offer a comprehensive 52-session program that meets the requirements for a court-ordered batter's intervention program.

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