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Volunteer, Inspire, Transform


Ready to be a Part of the Change?
Every mission is made brighter with shared passion, and every goal feels closer with collective dedication. Here at DOVES Network, we believe in the power of community. By stepping into our family of volunteers, you're not just offering your time and/or money — when you give towards the DOVES Network mission by deed, and financially, you become a catalyst for awareness, prevention, and peace.

🕊️ Give the gift of Peace 🕊️
Every Donation Makes a Difference

Your support isn't just a contribution—it's a ripple of change, bringing our vision closer to reality. Each donation fortifies our efforts, echoing hope, resilience, and transformation in the lives touched by DOVES Network. Plus, every donation you make is tax-deductible! With your generosity, we'll continue to light the way toward a brighter, safer, peaceful world where the effects of domestic and sexual violence are eradicated. Thank you for standing with us every step of the way. 🕊️

To learn more about the pathways your giving is impacting, click here.


Volunteer Opportunities Await

From digital spaces to community places, there's a role tailored just for you:

  • Social Media Assistant: Echo our message, making every share count.

  • Blogger: Paint peace, hope, and resilience with your words.

  • Website Assistant: Be the architect of our online presence, ensuring all visitors feel welcomed and informed.

  • Market Researcher/Analysis: Dive deep, deciphering insights to sculpt our programs and outreach.

  • Grant Writer: Bridge us to opportunities that amplify our cause.

  • Tabling & Community Outreach: Be our face in the community, setting up informative stands and sparking conversations.

  • Event Assistants: Lend your energy to our in-person events, ensuring they're memorable and impactful.


Youth Ambassador

Wearing this badge, you champion a promise:

  • Champion Healthy Relationships

  • Engage & Reflect

  • Stay Ahead

  • Lead with Passion

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