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Youth Peer Groups:  
Finding Peace in Groups


Healing Through Peer Support
If you've experienced trauma, especially in your formative years, having someone step in, acknowledge your pain, and provide help is crucial. At D.O.V.E.S. Network, we're that someone. We provide a safe space (not necessarily therapy, but equally impactful) where teens can come, open up, and begin their healing journey. It's a space where they're heard, understood, and given the tools to navigate through their feelings and experiences.
High School Student

Youth Peer Groups

Understanding head nods, shared tears, and mutual journeys bring comfort when the world seems overwhelming. Teens participating in our Peer Groups will find:

  • A safe space to voice their feelings

  • Learn vital coping skills and

  • Build resilience 


By recognizing their emotions and sharing with those who truly 'get it,' they embark on a path of profound healing and rediscovery.

If you or a friend has faced tough times at home or in a relationship, know this: you're not alone, and we've got your back. Let's work through this together and find a way to heal and feel better. 💪

College Students


“Since being a part of PEACE groups, checking in on my emotions isn’t a struggle anymore.”



“Since I’ve been a part of PEACE groups, I can talk about my feelings, and I’m able to get to a place of calmness. I’m being much more mindful and can re-center.”



"Since my teen has been a part of Peer Groups, she has been more respectful and apologizes when she has made a bad choice. Also, she has been voluntarily showing more care and concern for me and her siblings. She is sharing more, and I look forward to the results from her continued participation."



"Thank you for investing in my child. Her involvement and participation positively affect her, and she looks forward to and enjoys the sessions."

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