Youth Peer Groups

DOVES Network Youth Peer Support groups

Pre-COVID-19, it was noted that approximately fifteen million children grow up with domestic violence in the United States known as Childhood Domestic Violence. With the increase of domestic violence over the past year these numbers have significantly increased. In this presentation we will focus on healing the youth’s trauma impact.​

If you're a teen or have a teen that has been exposed to domestic violence (CDV), we're healing the trauma exposure and impact of domestic violence.

Every Wednesday & Saturday for Youth Ages 12-19


Starting June 2nd, 2021 Virtually

​West Coast

  • Wednesday's @ 4:30 pm (Arizona) 

East Coast

  • Saturday's @ 8am (Arizona) / 11am (EST)

What your youth can expect:

  • A safe space of peer support within their age group 

  • Group sessions that are tailored to youth interests including job readiness, creative arts, health and fitness, and STEM to name a few

  • Incentives for participation and engagement


  • Twice a week options

  • One hour sessions

Why Join?

  • Relevant & Relatable 

  • Diverse Activities 

  • Exposure to 

  • Trauma-Informed Care

It's important for our youth to know they aren't forgotten and they can write the narrative of their future!

A Supportive Hug

Your Support Moves the Vision Forward!