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Igniting Change Through Knowledge


Trauma-Informed Education for a Peaceful Tomorrow
Awareness isn't just the first step; it's the foundation of change paired with activation. Our Prevenion pathway deepens into the world of lived experiences proven through trauma-informed education. Through our tailored-to-you presentations, awareness campaigns, and strategic consultations, we aim to spark conversations and activate change. We're not just raising flags but equipping organizations with the tools. 

School Based Support

The halls of our schools echo with the whispers of many untold stories. Among them are the hushed tales of trauma, often stemming from domestic violence. The shadows of what young minds witness at home inevitably follow them into classrooms, playgrounds, and peer interactions. Partner with DOVES Network, and let's transform our educational spaces into havens of empathy and empowerment.


Empowering Faith Communities

Within the sanctity of our churches, we often find solace, strength, and community. Yet, it's essential to recognize that domestic violence can permeate even these sacred spaces, indifferent to economic status, ethnicity, or faith. With DOVES Network, let's fortify these values, ensuring every member of your faith community feels seen, heard, and protected.


Awareness Campaigns

Behind every statistic on domestic violence is a real person, seeking understanding, love, and hope. Every whisper of trauma, every hushed plea for help resonates deeply within our communities, schools, and places of worship. At DOVES Network, we're more than just an organization; we're a beacon of hope and a platform for transformation. 

Young People at a Workshop

Spotlight on Core Topics

  • Childhood Domestic Violence

  • Domestic Violence 101

  • Teen Dating Violence 

  • Healthy Relationships 

  • Resilience & Healing

  • Trauma-Informed Churches

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