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DOVES Network exists to help children and adults that have been exposed (directly or indirectly) to domestic violence known as Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) to daily overcome that violence and embrace safety (DOVES). Children in these homes know about the violence occurring, and are most certainly are impacted by the repercussions of domestic violence, especially those in underrepresented communities. The journey of recovery after experiencing and/or being exposed to domestic violence is a lifelong journey.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide wrap-around services to the youth and families impacted by domestic violence by offering pathways to healing:

  • Pathway One: Healing Resources (Intervention)

  • Pathway Two: Prevention (Trauma-Informed Education)

  • Pathway Three: Empowerment (Equipping)

Our vision is to be a national network partnered with direct service providers, academic, faith, and corporate institutions to provide trauma-informed restorative healing solutions to uproot the trauma of domestic violence.

You are not what has happened to you...

Healing and wholeness is possible.

Your donations directly fund outreach initiatives, program development for children of domestic violence that fosters creativity and healing, while also equipping the parent survivors of Domestic Violence with the tools to overcome violence. 

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