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Empowering a Generation to
Foster Healthy Relationships 

Every teen and young adult deserves to experience love that uplifts, respects, and nurtures. D.O.V.E.S. Network ®️ hosts workshop series and trainings focusing on educating and engaging parents, teens, schools, colleges, church youth groups, and professionals working with young adults.

Register Today to Understand Healthy and Respectful Relationships in Teen Dating

For Parents: Navigating Teen Dating in Today's World

Empathy and Guidance: Learn how to create open dialogues with your teens about the complexities of modern relationships. Understand the subtle signs of dating violence and the tools to support your child's journey toward healthy relationships.


For Teens: Your Love, Your Way

Self-Discovery and Respect: Engage in interactive sessions where you can safely explore what healthy relationships look like. Share your experiences, learn about setting boundaries, and respect in relationships, all in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.


For Schools and Colleges: Creating Safe Spaces for Healthy Relationships

Educate and Advocate: Equip your institution with the knowledge and resources to foster a safe and supportive dating culture. Our workshops offer valuable insights for staff and students, aiming to build a community that stands strong against dating violence.


For Church Youth Groups: Love with Faith and Understanding

Faith-Centered Relationships: Understand how faith and respectful relationships intertwine. Our workshops, tailored for church youth groups, provide a faith-based perspective on forming and nurturing healthy relationships.

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