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A Visual of How Domestic Violence Looks in COVID-19

Mounting pressures continue as states continue to enforce and extend stay at home orders. Alongside of the power and control wheel, here's how some the types of abuse can play out in homes during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order.

Verbal/emotional - abuser does or says things that impacts your feelings

  • You can’t leave your home

  • Lying to you to get their way

  • Threatening you (will kick you out, expose you negatively)

  • They want their voice to be the only voice you hear

  • Isolation from family and friends

  • Increased monitoring of your calls, texts, social media, and travel


  • Blocking entrances to not allow you to leave

  • Throwing objects

  • Hitting you

  • Punching holes in the wall


  • Forces unwanted sex

  • Not respectful of boundaries

  • Forcing you to send photos of yourself to others


  • Withholding supplies and household needs

  • Not giving stimulus money or making you hand over all of yours

  • Refusing to give money for groceries etc.


  • Stalking on social media

  • Tracking your location without you knowing

  • Logging into social media accounts without having permission

  • Forcing you to share passwords

  • Constantly calls/texts partner to check-in

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