Focus Areas

Three Healing Pathways

Our Pathways are Designed for...

"Trauma creates change you don't choose.

Healing creates change you do choose!"


DOVES Network Youth Peer Support groups

If you're a teen or have a teen that has been exposed to domestic violence, we're healing the trauma exposure and impact of domestic violence.

Every Wednesday & Saturday for Youth Ages 12-19


Starting May 29th, 2021 Virtually

  • Wednesday's @ 4pm (Arizona) / 7pm (EST)

  • Saturday's @ 11am (Arizona) / 2pm (EST)

What your youth can expect:

  • Effective communication of identifying emotions

  • Critical thinking and emotion mastery

  • Resilient tactics

  • Healing through Creative Arts, Health & Fitness, & STEM to name a few...

  • Getting equipped in job readiness, financial literacy

  • Peer support within their age group

It's important for our youth to know they aren't forgotten and they can write the narrative of their future!

A Supportive Hug
Teenagers in Park

DOVES Network Youth ambassador

By being an ambassador of DOVES Network, you're saying you will: 

  • Continue to drive awareness to healthy relationships in your peer circles and schools. 

  • Round table discussion on what the youth are seeing 

  • Continued education on signs and resources 

  • Empowerment to drive change ​

Your Support Moves the Vision Forward!

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