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Faith-Based Organizations

DOVES Network is dedicated to shining the light of domestic violence and its impact on faith-based organizations by driving awareness, education, and equipping the faith community on this issue. 


Violence within the home crosses all economic, ethnic, and religious boundaries. We understand how important the role the faith community plays in supporting those affected by this type of violence. DOVES Network has developed an awareness training program designed to help faith communities develop the skills and a plan for how they would respond when supporting a victim, survivor, or family of domestic violence. It helps churches as a whole engage in measures to prevent violence from occurring, along with ensuring you have the tools needed to effectively prevent and respond to issues of domestic violence, that's also rooted in the Word of God.

We want to ensure you and your leaders are equipped by:

  1. Educating leaders on all components of domestic violence

  2. Equipping you with what to do if there's a report of abuse in your ministry 

  3. Supplying you the trauma-informed response to the victim/abuser if they're in your congregation 

  4. Providing you with recommendations in your local community 

  5. Empowering you to shine the light on domestic violence in your community 


Our trainings are designed for: 

  • Pastoral / Leaders on the Frontline

  • Small-Group Leaders 

  • Ministry Leaders and/or class 

  • Youth Group Leaders 

Training Timeframe​s

Due to the selection of topics and departments attending, we can offer multiple options.

  • One week

  • Two Day

  • Half Day

  • One Day

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