• Parenting Series – 8-week series assisting parents and caregivers to understand the trauma 

  • The Arts – special programs to create arts through drawings and paintings 

    • Drawing sessions

    • Painting sessions 

    • Design a shirt session 

We provide an array of educational presentations about domestic violence.

  • Presentations for civic groups, schools, clubs, churches, small businesses and corporations

  • Provide representatives for health and resource fairs

  • Training for salon professionals 

  • Training for teens on dating violence

We're being a part of the change by helping breathe life into the future of our youth.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is about equipping, educating, and being a voice to support national and local efforts to end Domestic Violence and Childhood Domestic Violence in an effort to minimize the statistical estimation. We exist to support survivors and provide an example of hope.

Our vision is for women, children, and men to be able to embrace safety and be healed and restored to wholeness.


Executive Director

Tiffany Mensah is a Woman of Faith, Author, Marketing Maven, Entrepreneur, and Friend. She has 10+ years in corporate and currently works as a Marketing Project Manager in Corporate America, while also owning her own Creative Consulting Agency, Mensah and Co. 

Tiffany has shared her journey of growing up in a home plagued with domestic violence, how she self-medicated the trauma and how it bled into various aspects of her life halfway through adulthood. After acknowledging the trauma and its effects, she takes the audience on the journey of realigning her life and shows her path to wholeness. A lot of times you see the end result, without seeing the path there, Tiffany uncovers all of that. 

While a success story now, Tiffany is most proud of the work that she has done personally and spiritually to address the childhood traumas she experienced firsthand having grown up in a home plagued by domestic violence. It is this work that has fueled her to launch this nonprofit.

Become the person the younger version of you needed.

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