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Not Forgotten Christmas


Bringing Holiday Joy to Survivors

The holiday season is often a time of joy and togetherness. But for many survivors of domestic violence and their families, it can also bring added financial strains. At the close of the year, we recognize these pressures, which should be a time of warmth and celebration for all. For this reason, we intentionally adopt families whose lives have been impacted by domestic violence. It's our way of letting them know they're not alone and they are not forgotten. ​

When we embarked on this journey, we were made aware that while many donate gifts for the younger ones, there was a significant gap when it came to gifts for teenagers. Since then, we've stepped in to fill that void. While our primary focus is on teenagers aged 13-18, we believe in a holistic approach and ensure no family member feels left out or forgotten.​


How it Works

  • All toys/gifts must be new and age-appropriate.

  • In collaboration with our strategic partners, including local shelters and high schools, we gather names of families who've bravely moved towards safety, leaving behind the shadows of domestic violence. These families are then gifted with carefully selected, wrapped presents donated generously by our DOVES Network community.

  • If you're with a shelter, center, or school, we transform your space into a magical boutique. This space allows teens, parents, and survivors to hand-pick new gifts for their children in a safe and dignified environment. It's more than just giving; it's about restoring choice and empowering them during a season that celebrates love and giving.


Teen Submission

Unable to scan the QR code to register? Email Us at


To ensure timely delivery and spread the festive joy, we kindly ask that all gift donations reach us by December 13, 2023. Together, we can make this holiday season memorable and meaningful for many. Let's bring the magic of Christmas to those who deserve it most. 


Individuals / Organizations

  • You can adopt a family by clicking on the button below and informing us of the name of the family. We will then provide you access to be able to view their wish list. 

  • Gifts will need to be shipped, and location may vary depending on where our family is located. Upon family selection, we will provide you with the DOVES Network PEACE location to get the gifts shipped accordingly. 



 DOVES Network is looking for partners to donate via in-kind donations, services, and/or funds to make this a holiday to remember and help us show them that they are not forgotten.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is my gift tax-deductible?

    • Yes

  • How are families selected? 

    • Families participating in our program and receiving our services are selected. ​

    • Partnerships with our community organizations, such as shelters and direct service providers, send submissions.

  • Is my information given to the families?

    • ​No, once you adopt the family, we will email the family, letting them know they are adopted.

  • Can I contact the families?

    • We do not supply family addresses and/or contact information due to the nature of fleeing a life of violence.

  • I see what's on the wish list, but I want to use this to shop for something else, can I? -

    • Yes. Just mail it to the below address. ​

  • I prefer to shop; where do I mail the donations?

       DOVES Network 

       C/O Tiffany Mensah     

       20987 N. John Wayne Pkwy


       Maricopa, AZ 85139

Use a trackable mail delivery service to ensure the packages are received on time. The earlier, the better to send the packages because of the holiday rush at the post office. 

  • I want to donate instead; where do I go?

    • PayPal >>>>>>>>>>>

    • Venmo @DOVESNetwork

Thank you for answering the call of generosity this season!

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