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About The

DOVES Network Team

Tiffany Mensah

Executive Director

Tiffany Mensah is the Executive Director of DOVES Network, which stands for daily overcoming violence and embracing safety. A survivor of Childhood Domestic Violence and Domestic Violence. She has spent the last decade healing, uncovering, and studying the impact and trauma effects of exposure to domestic and sexual abuse while obtaining her Trauma-Informed Certification. Tiffany's passion for bringing peace and laying seeds of hope and healing to parent/teen survivors that have fled a life of abuse to disrupt intergenerational trauma and plant generational healing is what fueled the birth of this network. Her driving focus is to equip teens and parents with the tools to heal safely and embrace a life of PEACE. Tiffany has fastly become a voice for domestic violence recovery for children.


Tiffany also has sixteen-plus years of corporate experience in Business Operations, Marketing, Advertising, and Project Management. While a success story on the outside, in her personal and professional life, Tiffany was met with roadblock after roadblock that began to reveal to her that while she had titles, accolades, and credentials, there was a significant part of her that needed much work. "Many times, you see the end result without seeing the path there," Tiffany uncovered in her memoir. While a success story now, Tiffany is most proud of her internal and spiritual work to address the childhood trauma and PTSD she experienced growing up in a home plagued by domestic violence and even in dating relationships as an adult. This work fueled her purpose to self-publish her memoir and launch DOVES Network so that other children and adults get equipped with the healing tools to rewrite their narrative.


Tiffany is beyond blessed to have married her best friend, the love of her life, business, and ministry partner, AJ Mensah, and together they have a furbaby Husky. Tiffany also serves at her local church, WorshipLife Church.

Become the person the younger version of you needed.

Meet The DOVES Network Board


Dr. Danielle Palmer

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Omar Perkins

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Allison Dollison, M.Ed

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Walterzene Dabney

Meet The Volunteer Team

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Renee G.

Director of Advocacy

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Counter Abuse Training Specialist

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Arica H.


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Monica R.

Youth Ops Intern

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